A Man in Winter
SKU: 9781957537054

A Man in Winter examines the horrors of isolation, dementia, loss, and the ghosts that come
back to haunt us.
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Musings of the Muses
SKU: 9781957537030

Musings of the Muses description
edited by Heather and S.D. Vassallo
Sing O Muse, of the rage of Medusa, cursed by gods and feared by men…

From the mists of time, and ages past,
The muses have gathered; hear now their songs.
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A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales
SKU: 9781957537016

A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales
edited by Alex Woodroe

A Quaint and Curious Volume of Gothic Tales; 23 stories of madness, pain, ghosts, curses, unspoken secrets, greed, murder, and one of the creepiest collections of dolls ever. Ranging from traditional gothic themes to more modern tropes, this anthology is sure to please the reader…and send a cold shiver or two down their spine.

So, come on in; enter the parlor, find a place by the fire, and experience the beautiful, dark, and occasionally heartbreaking stories told by the authors.
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Were Tales
SKU: 9781957537153

Were Tales A Shapeshifter Anthology 
edited by S.D. Vassallo and Steven M. Long
Werewolves. Berserkers. Kitsune. From the most ancient times, tales have been told of people who transform into beasts. Sometimes they’re friendly and helpful. Sometimes they’re tricksters. And sometimes, they’re terrifying. 
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