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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

By Ariana Ferrante
Published by Brigids Gate Press
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Limos is the goddess of starvation. Whatever she touches withers and wastes, crumbling to dust. She aids those seeking destruction, plaguing fields with famine and waters with drought. When mortals see her, they yearn. Her opposite, harvest goddess Demeter, makes life flourish wherever she goes. She supplies mortals with fruits and vegetables, piling their tables with sustenance and satisfaction. When mortals see her, they are contented. Given their opposing natures, The Fates themselves have decreed Limos and Demeter are never to meet, promising only ruin and mutual destruction should they ever unite. But when Demeter arrives at her doorstep, begging for her assistance, Limos can't help but fall victim to the same yearning her mortal worshippers feel...

978-1957537856 | November 7, 2023