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Seers and Sibyls

Seers and Sibyls

By MJ Pankey
Published by Brigids Gate Press
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These, and many other names were given to those who had the sight, who could look into the future and see what awaits us. Sometimes, those glimpses come unbidden and unasked for. Sometimes they are given for a fee. Sometimes they drive the recipient mad with the knowledge of what the future holds.

Others view those so gifted with suspicion, doubt, envy, and occasionally anger. Rarely are prophets thanked for their predictions. They bear the curse of knowing what’s coming along with the scorn and fear shown them by the rest of society.

Seers and Sibyls is a collection of 30 stories and poems about those who have the power to see the future. Will you open the book and read their prophecies?

Featuring the stories and poems of:
David Marino
Beth O'Brien
Victoria Brun
Rose Strickman
Zachary Rosenberg
Erin L. Swann
Nico Penaranda
A.L. Munson
Caroline Johnson
Marshall John Moore
N.R. Lambert
Susan Jordan
Jeremy Megargee
Nwejesu Ekpenisi
Jennifer Bushroe
Laura Marden
Joseph Mathias
Stephanie Ellis
Bettina Theissen
Misty Urban
Gerri Leen
Kayla Whittle
Ivy L. James
Matthew Yap
Cormack Baldwin
Shannon Connor Winward
Jacqueline Kate Goldblatt
Devan Barlow
Jay McKenzie
Sam Muller

296 pages | 978-1957537771 | September 5, 2023