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Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters

By Brigids Gate Press
Published by Brigids Gate Press
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21 tales of sapphic villains, curated by April Yates and Rae Knowles.

Featuring the work of:
Hatteras Mange
Anastasia Dziekan
Ariel Marken Jack
Maerwynn Blackwood
Avra Margariti
Grace R. Reynolds
Evelyn Freeling
Hailey Piper
T.O. King
M.S. Dean
Chloe Spencer
Mae Murray
L.R. Stuart
Alex Luceli Jiménez
Cheyanne Brabo
Luc Diamant
Alyssa Lennander
Anya Leigh Josephs
Lindz McLeod
Caitlin Marceau
Shelly Lavigne.

And a bonus tale from Eric Raglin!

9781957537900 | January 23, 2024