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Title: Blood in the Soil, Terror on the Wind
Edited by: 
Kenneth W. Cain
Whether in an old weathered mine shaft, somewhere off the beaten path, out in the woods, or right here in the middle of this ghost town, danger awaits. We’re going to take you way back, drop you right smack dab in the middle of the Old West at its finest. But we’re not just going to give you shootouts and bullet wounds and blood splatter. Yes, those things are prominently featured, but there’s so much more to this anthology of western horror.

Maybe it’s a well-known creature popping in for a visit, or some new creepy crawly monster sucking out your soul, we’re going to turn the Old West inside-out and explore its guts to the fullest. There are new adventures to be had, monsters both familiar and unfamiliar to be thwarted… And we’re not always going to be the victors. Life in the Old West is hard, trying at its best, and it can wear you down quick.

So, prepare yourself to be transported back in time. Get yourself up on that rickety stagecoach, draw your guns, and let’s get going. There’s vast territory to cover here, and your journey begins now.

Coming August 31, 2022
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Title: Marionette
Author: Antonia Rachel Ward
When the spirit’s desire for revenge escalates to murder, Cece and George must find a way to break
Rossignol’s spell before Cece’s soul is condemned to the afterlife forever.
ISBN: 978-1-957537-27-6

Coming August 16, 2022
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Title: Enter the Darkness
Author: Sarah Budd
Four people enter the caves. Each must battle their demons before facing the White Lady.
ISBN:  978-1-957537-10-8 
Coming September 2022