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Title: The Woodcutter
Author: Stephanie Ellis
A tragic accident, shrouded in mystery, leads to a family reunion in the hidden village of Little Hatchet, located in the smothering shadow of GodBeGone Wood, the home of the mythical Woodcutter and Grandma. Alec Eades rediscovers his bond with GodBeGone Wood and the future his father agreed to years ago as nefarious landowner Oliver Hayward schemes to raise money for the village by re-enacting part of the Woodcutter legend. Old wounds are re-opened and ties of blood and friendship are tested to the extreme when the Woodcutter is summoned and Grandma returns.
Coming June 2023



Title: The Patient Routine
Author: Luna Rey Hall
Ashton is convinced they are dying. whether it be from cancer, heart disease, or a fungal infection,
they know something bad is always about to happen. after a night of health-related panic attacks, &
urged by a voice in their head, Ashton decides to check in to the ER again but when another patient
is brought in with an unknown ailment that puts the entire hospital on lockdown, Ashton may be
trapped in their worst nightmare.
Coming June 2023

Title: Love the Sinner

Author: Mo Moshaty
According to Dante, a sin is the misdirection of love - the human will, or essentially, the direction of
our beings. LOVE THE SINNER's short horror collection is an examination of just how those sins
can kaleidoscope into horrific consequences creating a distorted and deadly landscape. These stories
stand stark before you in full glaring misstep and macabre to show the human psyche in all its
twisted reality.
From grief and its rage to medical meddling to ensure a new world order to bloody revenge within a
quantum leap, these stories seek to solidify one absolute truth: man is the scariest monster.
Coming July 2023

Title: The Hiding
Author: Alethea Lyons

Arcane archivist Harper has always been plagued by dreams of grotesque creatures and bloody deaths. When she bumps into a ghostwalker in the Shambles and has a visceral experience of his execution, she knows it’s a foretelling. Yet fear of the Queen’s Guard stops her speaking out. When her vision indeed comes true, the unusual markings on the ghostwalker’s corpse, combined with his neatly excised vocal cords, send a ripple of terror through York. The witch hunt is on. As the body count rises, Harper knows her magic is the only way to find the killer – if she can avoid being hanged as a witch. To protect both human and supernatural, Harper walks the thin line between their worlds. She and her demonhunter foster-sister form a multi-faith team with a forensic scientist, a spirit Harper accidentally summoned, and a techno-witch, to catch the killer before more people die.
RELEASE DATE: March 2024

Title: Food for Thought
Author: Ariana Ferrante
Limos is the goddess of starvation. Whatever she touch withers and wastes, crumbling to dust. She aids those seeking destruction, plaguing fields with famine and waters with drought. When mortals see her, they yearn. Her opposite, harvest goddess Demeter, makes life flourish wherever she goes. She supplies mortals with fruits and vegetables, piling their tables with sustenance and satisfaction. When mortals see her, they are contented. Given their opposing natures, The Fates themselves have decreed Limos and Demeter are never to meet, promising only ruin and mutual destruction should they ever unite. But when Demeter arrives at her doorstep, begging for her assistance, Limos can't help but fall victim to the same yearning her mortal worshippers feel...
Coming November 2024