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Rae Knowles

Rae Knowles (she/her) is a queer woman who has always leaned toward the dark and strange.
Her characters tend to be queer and defy gender norms, and her writing circles around themes of
obsession, narcissism, and unstable reality. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature
with a minor in Creative Writing.

Rae has multiple works forthcoming from Brigids Gate Press, including her sapphic horror
novella, Merciless Waters, due out winter ’23, and her collaboration with April Yates, Lies That
Bind, in early ’24. She’s sold a number of short stories to prestigious publications such as Dark
Matter Ink, Nightmare, Seize the Press, Nosetouch Press, Cosmic Horror Monthly, and Taco Bell
Quarterly. Recent updates on her work can be found at and you can follow her
on twitter and TikTok @_Rae_Knowles

Books By Rae Knowles