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Hungers as Old as This Land

Hungers as Old as This Land

By Zachary Rosenberg
Published by Brigids Gate Press
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The settlement of Grey's Bluffs is a prosperous town. An independent community dwelling in the
shadows of the mountains known only as The Hungers.

Esther Foxman and Siobhan O'Clery have grown up in Grey's Bluffs, thriving out on the western
territories in the aftermath of the Civil War. Devoted to one another and their home, the two set out
to complete a regular pact at the Hungers to ensure that Grey's Bluffs continues to prosper.

Cyril Redstone is a man who knows death well. Becoming a mercenary after the Civil War, Cyril
leads the marauding Blackhawks from one slaughter to the next. Hired to destroy Grey's Bluffs,
Cyril cares little for morality, nor that he owes its founder his life.

Esther and Siobhan are left to defend the only home they have ever known from the Blackhawks,
their confrontation driving them deep into the mountains.

Where the darkest secrets of the Hungers await them.

May 17, 2023